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We're All About Teamwork

S.E. Baker & Company is lead by Stuart E. Baker. Stuart has worked in real estate and property management for nearly twenty years in the Rochester, NY region. Starting S.E. Baker & Company was a very natural progression for Stuart, and thanks to many satisfied clients, we’ve achieved a level of success that invigorates us and propels us further in our pursuits. Our team of top-notch professionals continues to expand, providing even more expertise to our clients. We provide “best practices” real estate management processes.

We provide a proven approach for investors, companies and/or property owners seeking facility solutions, offering superior real estate services for property management, facility management and energy management. We also have the expertise to provide select brokerage and consulting services. Through our S.E. Baker Property Optimization System, we’re able to make this happen seamlessly.

Our team operates under three principles, each of which we know to be essential to our approach: Teamwork, Technology Leadership and Customer Focus.