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At S.E. Baker & Company, we’re simplifying how companies manage and acquire facilities. We’re proud to achieve this by providing innovative solutions and superior, integrated real estate services that help your company get more performance from your physical assets… more than you ever thought possible.


It all starts with a handshake. We’ll work to learn as much as we can about you and your business, and consider ourselves to be stakeholders in your success. Trust is earned, and we will work hard to win your trust and retain it.

Technology Leadership

We are poised at the performance-edge of technology. Our team can access energy management tools that can deliver significant savings, plus utilize our purchasing power to deliver the most qualified and efficient service providers for all of your real estate requirements.

Customer Focus

Simply stated, we are fanatical about meeting the needs of our customers. Our team understands precisely what you are up against, and we promise that you can depend on us to do more for your business.

The S.E. Baker Property Optimization System

Your Single Source Solution!

Client Satisfaction Is Paramount

“I highly recommend prospective owners and prospective tenants work with Stuart Baker and his team at S.E. Baker & Co. I have had the pleasure of working with Stu for over 20 years. I find him and his team to be responsive, courteous and always working to come up with mutually agreeable solutions. As a business owner myself, I want to put most of my time into serving my clients and working on my business. Stu and his team operate seamlessly in the background making sure my facility looks great and is operating as it should. Lastly, I greatly appreciate Stu’s willingness and ability to think through challenging situations with me that naturally come up with tenants and property managers. He and I have always been able to engage in a productive, respectful and even enjoyable “give and take” with each other, resulting in mutually satisfying solutions.”

James D. Kestenbaum, Ph.D., Owner
The Solutions Group

“Ann and Tyler-

Seeing that you always receive emails and texts from us begging for help in emergencies, you deserve to receive an email thanking you for all of the work you put into supporting us and our schools!

I couldn’t be more grateful that you are part of our operations team.  My understanding of SE Baker and Co. is that your vision is in part to support the functioning of your facilities, but I believe that what you two and Bill have done is invest your time and effort to go above and beyond for us.  You both have made an effort to develop an understanding of Uncommon expectations, and look through the lens of operations support so that we have the best learning environment for our scholars.  I have been told I can be a challenge at times with my expectations (I have no idea why people would think such things…), but I have come to find you standing next to me, sometimes ahead of me identifying what we can do to improve and advance our school.  I try to tell you how much I appreciate you guys, but I thought that since you guys are probably to the point where the sound of a text or email makes you cringe and think “oh goodness what now…” that a happy email might make you smile.

Thank you for all you do!  I genuinely appreciate you!  Have a great day!”

Kaitlin Driscoll, Director of Operations
Rochester Prep West Elementary School

“I have had the pleasure of dealing with Stuart Baker for many years on numerous capital and repair projects. Stuart’s attention to detail, budget and timely completion of projects has made all of our endeavors successful. On occasion I’m asked for names of reputable property managers/facilities services contacts and Stuart Baker is the first name mentioned.”

Jerry P. Cott PE, General Manager
EMCOR Services/Betlem Service Corp

“I have known Stuart Baker, personally and professionally for nearly 10 years. Stuart is a true asset to the commercial and industrial real estate industry. His knowledge of the industry and the marketplace, coupled with his tremendous customer service, earns Stuart the respect of his clients and peers. Stuart is truly a leader in the community and in his profession.”

John P. Nitsche, President
WebTitle Agency