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“Ann and Tyler-

Seeing that you always receive emails and texts from us begging for help in emergencies, you deserve to receive an email thanking you for all of the work you put into supporting us and our schools!

I couldn’t be more grateful that you are part of our operations team.  My understanding of SE Baker and Co. is that your vision is in part to support the functioning of your facilities, but I believe that what you two and Bill have done is invest your time and effort to go above and beyond for us.  You both have made an effort to develop an understanding of Uncommon expectations, and look through the lens of operations support so that we have the best learning environment for our scholars.  I have been told I can be a challenge at times with my expectations (I have no idea why people would think such things…), but I have come to find you standing next to me, sometimes ahead of me identifying what we can do to improve and advance our school.  I try to tell you how much I appreciate you guys, but I thought that since you guys are probably to the point where the sound of a text or email makes you cringe and think “oh goodness what now…” that a happy email might make you smile.

Thank you for all you do!  I genuinely appreciate you!  Have a great day!”